Our Story

I started this business called MelinyCorp many years ago, and sadly had to close it after 5 years.

Since the closing of the company, my brothers and I have started a foundation in memory of our dad called Together Connected. It is because of this Foundation that I stepped out in faith and decided to start my small business again, now known as MelinyLLC.

Family was the reason I started it in the first place, family was the reason I had to close and now I found that family is the reason to bring it back to life.

The original Meliny aka KomfyKollar was designed 23 yrs ago for my then 4 year old because her scarf was too bulky and uncomfortable, the over the head accessories weren’t good for her either because she wore glasses and loved to do her hair. Out of respect and frustration I designed what is now referred to as the Meliny™Wrap neckwarmer.

I created a solution that worked for both of us. The solution: an easy on/off fleece neck warmer featuring a hook and loop closure. This allowed independent simple application that saved us both time and energy when leaving the house.

When I was asked to create something for Furry Friends I immediately thought of our beloved Cockapoo we had for 16.5 years, her name was Sandy. I wanted to design something that you can change without buying a new collar.
The Sandy Sleeve will be added to our store on 8/3/2023 in her memory, 5 years ago on this day she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I spent the summer of 2021 learning how to sew the Meliny™ Wraps and found joy in creating each one. My daughter was the reason I created the Meliny Wrap and now I get to work alongside her in developing this brand. I love working with her and my older daughter who continually encourages me to push past my fears and all those that have helped me along the way. MelinyLLC is more than a business it is my Passion Project!